Atlas Series-Mini-Pneumatic/Inverter/Servo driven Beam robotsAtlas Series-Mini-Pneumatic/Inverter/Servo driven Beam robots
Optional Function
  • ATLAS series is applicable to all types of horizontal injection machine of 50~250T for take-out products and sprues. It has ranges of model 550/650/750/850, with two types of arms, single stage and telescopic type; Vertical Stroke: 550~850mm. It can be added with sub arm for three-plate mold to clamp products and sprue at the same time. Its traverse axle can be driven by pneumatic cylinder, inverter motor or AC servo motor. After installed this robot, the productivity will be increased 20~30%, reduce defective rate, ensure safety of operators, reduce manpower and accurately control the output to reduce waste.
  • Structure:
    • Traverse axle can be driven by rodless cylinder or inverter motor, AC servo motor is optional. Vertical and Crosswise driven by pneumatic cylinder. Traverse axle and vertical arm are applied with advanced high rigidity linear slide rail, and light high rigidity alloy aluminum extrusion beam for Crosswise and Vertical axles. Integrating with linear guide and high rigidity bearing steel rod, it works with high speed, high efficiency, low vibration, and long use life.
  • Telescopic Type:
    • Using high rigidity linear slide rail and alloy aluminum structure beam with special double-speed belt, substantially shortened the robot vertical height, and the full stroke can be achieved by half stroke of the cylinder. Thus it increased speed and stability of vertical axle. Furthermore, it can be applicable to low workshop.
    • Air Pressure Inspection
      Automatically detecting air pressure. It will alarm and display while pressure is not enough, and twitch anti-drop cylinder automatically to prevent the arm from dropping.
    • End of arm Tooling (E-O-A-T)
      Reserved pipeline and detecting signal, a vacuum circuit and a grip circuit, can be used for vacuum/grip tooling for different products with various actions. Swivel structure can take out products cooperated with mould and fixed mould, fixed swivel angle: 90。
  • The most economical robots for under 250T I.M.M.
  • Rodless cylinder driving A650 robot applies German advanced FESTO rodless cylinder to drive the traverse axle integrating with high rigidity precision linear slide-rail. It characterizes in stable and smooth operation, wear resistance and long use life. Both ends have air circle to reduce speed and hydraulic absorber, stable and economical.
  • AC servo motor driving
    • The traverse axle can apply AC servo motor driving, and also adopts precision planetary gear head transmission, fast and accurate. With positioning precision up to ±0.1mm, it can be used to precise take-out of the products. Along with high rigidity slide-rail, it characterizes in stable and smooth operation, wear resistance and long use life.
    • Inverter motor driven
  • A750/850 model machine, traverse axle driven by inverter motor and integrates with high rigidity precision linear slide-rail, thus it saves air consumption and requires no hydraulic absorber. Therefore, it characterizes in stable and smooth operation, wear resistance and long use life.
    • HA-80 Controller Multi-function(Optional) HA-44 Controller
    • Control box was combine with structure to save space.
    • Palm controller with dialogue type operation interface, easy to operate, and the display language is changeable.
    • Built-in programs enable easy operation in molding change. With L/U take out function can be integrated with placing methods, swivel chosen, ejector setting and defect alarming, etc.
    • Automatically defecting , displaying and recording the failures.
    • Twenty groups of molding memorizing function.
    • Take out from fixed-mould side with various kinds of swivel actions.
    • Different placing method (traverse-out, traverse-in, out-side and place at the same time) are available.
    • All the Timer and Counter can be changed under AUTO MODE .
    • Grouped PC board design facilitates changing and maintenance; Pay special attention to safety connection with I.M.M, all I.M.M input and output signals of are dry contacts signals to avoid interference.
    • With standard interface can be connected with Vertical Transporter or conveyor.
    • CE models are available, conformity with EUROMAP and SPI standard, enclosed standard connect interface.
    • Middle-Plate Inspection, Spray Device, Air Nipper and Safety Placing detecting are available to operated with automatic application of the factory.


General Specification:
Power source Working pressure Max. allowed Pressure Driven system Swivel Control system
Y as model
X、Z Pneumatic Cylinder
90° Fixed

Main specification:

Model A550ID/IS/WD/WS A650 ID/IS/WD/WS A750WD/WS A850WD/WS
Power Capacity(KVA) 0.5/1(AC servo Motor) 1
Recommended IMM(ton) 50-100 50-150 150-200 200-280
Traverse Stroke (mm) 1000
(Option 1300 should be used inverter motor or AC servo motor)
Traverse Driven Standard:Rodless pneumatic cylinder
Option: Inverter motor or Servo motor
Standard: Inverter motor
Option: Servo motor
Crosswise Stroke (mm) P:170
Vertical Stroke (mm) 550 650 750 850
Max. Lloading (kg) 3  3 3 3
Dry Take Out Time (sec) 1 1.3 1.3 1.4
Dry Cycle Time (sec) 8 8 8.3 8.5
Air Consumption (NI/cycle) 19 20 22 23
Net Weight (kg) 140-180 150-190 150-220 160-230

Denoted option spec.: ″P″: product arm ″R″: runner arm
Model denoted: I: single stage W: telescopic type D: product arm+ runner arm S: product arm
M: traverse axle driven by inverter motor Y: traverse axle driven by AC servo motor