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Home News Corporate News Alfa:Robot Grinding Work station Promotes Mechanical Automation
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Alfa:Robot Grinding Work station Promotes Mechanical Automation
Apart from being an "old-fashioned" injection manipulator and peripheral auxiliary systems, Alfa's latest in-mold labeling system has also attracted the attention of many professionals in the industry. Not only that, we also saw some wonderful automation applications at Alfa's booth, including automation of press lines and robotic grinding workstations. 

Alfa was founded in 1988, Dongguan Alfa Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. is established in 2001 , and Alfa (Suzhou) Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2004.Over the past 31 years, Alfa has gradually become one of the world-renowned leading brands of automation machinery by virtue of its integrated automation solutions and services for customers. 

In recent years, automation technology has been developing vigorously in China. Since 2012, the automation industry in China has shown explosive growth, various types of automation enterprises have risen, and the development momentum is strong, the follow-up force can not be underestimated. The traditional grinding work is handled manually, because the dust in the grinding workshop is very heavy, the working conditions are relatively bad, the injury to the workers' body is also relatively big. Alfa's new robot grinding workstation can replace workers with robots, help standardize grinding processes, and improve the quality of manual work. In addition, the fully sealed wet operation can prevent dust from flying and prevent potential safety hazards. 

Mr. Li Yixin, project manager of Alfa, told us that the advantage of traditional manual polishing is that people can grasp the strength of polishing through touch, and Alfa's polishing workstation is equipped with a force sensing system, which can simulate some actions of manual polishing to better grasp the strength, so as to ensure smooth and even surface after polishing. In addition, it has ABB IRB12007Kg/0. 7m IP67 waterproof and dustproof six-axis manipulator, CAD/CAM standardized path generation process, rotary two-station exchange workbench, automatic dismantling and changing sand disc device and automatic rewinding waste recycling filtration system, which can effectively improve work efficiency and bring value to users. At present, the system is mainly used in titanium alloy golf head weld bead grinding, gate grinding and aluminum alloy bicycle crank grinding. 

Nowadays, many enterprises are facing the difficulty of recruiting workers, and the shortage of talents is also a pain point for enterprises and their leaders. "This automated solution is easy to operate and the equipment is easy to put online, which not only reduces the workload of workers with high hazard coefficient, but also helps enterprises to solve the problem of talent shortage, reduce costs and improve efficiency." Mr Shi Xianxiu, Alfa's vice-president of business, said.