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DMP 2013

The 15th China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics, Packaging & Rubber Exhibition have closed on Nov. 13th, 2013 at GD Modern International Exhibition Center.

  ALFA was built in 1988 inTaiwan, which is specialized in the robots used for Injection Molding Machine (I.M.M) and other periphery equipment. ALFA is one of the largest manufacturers in the world among the area, with production capacity of 15,000 robots annually.

  On the DMP 2013, ALFA brought 4 types of latest robots with new material, the brief smooth outward appearance line and strong loading ability to the Exhibition. The latest robots are together with system optimize to realize more precise and faster operation with I.M.M.

  The exhibited robot types are: B800ISY with new control system, developed with Japan Company, realize shorter and faster cycle time. R800IS-S3 is with new control system to show stable operation of inserting and take-out motion. R1400WD-S5 with LNC second generation control system shows stable operation and cycle time. TN1300WS-S5 is assembling with servo motor used on swivel and rotating part to realize multi-angle take-out and placing motion.

  Auto production industry is low entry barrier that everyone can start this business, but focus on innovation and development manufacturers are few. To face high competition industry, ALFA still maintain 15% ~20% rate of increase every year. In the future, ALFA still will bring high cost performance robots, in-time service and competitive cost to fulfill customer’s needs.